Signed Archie Portrait by Robert Henderson

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Archie-Roach-Print-crop (2).jpg

Signed Archie Portrait by Robert Henderson


Archie Roach and Wiradjuri artist, Robert Henderson have donated signed Limited Edition Prints of Robert’s portrait of Archie to The Archie Roach Foundation and The Wayne Weaver Foundation in support of First Nations families and communities.

These special numbered, signed and catalogued prints are $310 (including postage and handling) and was Robert Henderson’s 2014 Archibald Prize entry.

What happens to your donation?

Profits from the donations received will be split equally between the two Foundations to enable them to continue their important work in First Nations communities.

What does the Archie Roach Foundation do?

The Archie Roach Foundation was established in 2014 to nurture meaningful and potentially life changing opportunities for First Nations artists. 

The Foundation seeks to walk alongside those working in the arts and young people heading down the wrong track just like Archie was, to support them to be the best that they can be. 

Archie knows what it means to have someone walk beside you at key crossroads in your life; to help point you in a deadly direction and empower you to take the next positive step.

He also understands the power of music and storytelling to communicate, connect and heal and is committed to helping others share their story which creates a stronger, more cohesive culturally respectful national story.

What does The Wayne Weaver Foundation do?

The Wayne Weaver Foundation was founded in early 2018 in support of bereaved First Nations families and communities. The Foundation supports the cost of funerals, transport, coffins, and gravestones.

The Wayne Weaver Foundation is focussed on protecting and conserving the social and cultural bonds and traditions of First Nations people, their families and communities at times of bereavement by providing the support, resources and follow up necessary to attend and participate in funeral ceremonies.

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Receive a stunning Limited Edition print of Archie Roach by Wiradjuri artist, Robert Henderson. Each print is reproduced on quality art paper, is individually numbered and signed by Archie and Robert.

A limited number of prints are available. To donate, contact us now at: or

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Height 39cm x Width 56cm