Simon & Schuster Australia acquires memoir of Australian legend Archie Roach


Simon & Schuster Australia is proud and excited to announce the publication of the memoir of Archie Roach, one of Australia’s most important and cherished voices. World rights for the memoir, yet to be titled, were acquired in a hotly contested auction via Clare Forster at Curtis Brown Australia and will be published on 1 November 2019.

Archie Roach is best known as a singer and songwriter but he is also widely recognised as a campaigner for the rights of First Nations people, especially those who are part of the Stolen Generations. Archie himself was only four years old when he was forcibly removed from his family and made a ward of the state. From the release of his critically acclaimed, multi award-winning debut album Charcoal Lane in 1990 to his most recent album Dancing with My Spirit, Archie’s inspired and affecting musical and songwriting talent is considered one of the most important worldwide in expressing the issues facing First Nations people, with none more richly told than in one of his most powerful songs, Took the Children Away.

Simon & Schuster’s vision for this memoir is to bring Archie’s extraordinary life story to all Australians and leave a lasting legacy for generations of future readers. His story is not only a lightning rod for the issues that we all face about our nation and the survival and optimism of First Nations Australians, but more importantly a powerful, passionate and moving personal story of music, family, love, loss and renewal.

Archie says, ‘I feel that it’s a good time to tell my story now so people may understand the journey that I have taken in life, not necessarily as a First Nations person, nor a member of the Stolen Generations, but as an Australian. And in doing so I hope that it would be seen as a testament to overcoming enormous odds and to the enduring strength of the human spirit.’

Publisher Roberta Ivers says, ‘I’m so honoured to be publishing the great Archie Roach’s memoir. The story of his extraordinary life and music is one of breathtaking resilience and strength, of his urgent quest for identity, home and community, but it’s also a moving love story, a journey of pain and heartbreak, and one of shining hope and regeneration, too. He truly is the beating heart of our country.’

In recognition of Archie’s tireless contribution in giving back to his community, Simon & Schuster Australia have made a donation to the Archie Roach Foundation so that Archie’s great work continues with young artists needing direction and support.