'Into The Bloodstream' Merch

2012 saw the release of Into the Bloodstream, considered Archie’s comeback album after losing Ruby in 2010 and then suffering a stroke and surviving lung cancer surgery. The live show remains one of Archie’s favourites!!! Good medicine and good spirit!!! Here’s a wonderful documentary made at the show’s premiere at Arts Centre Melbourne in late 2012 that captures that spirit. The concert was nominated for a Helpmann Award.

Memoir Cover Reveal ‘Tell Me Why’

Very happy to finally be able to reveal the cover of my memoir, “Tell Me Why, the story of my life and my music”. It’s out in shops on 1st November. I look forward to meeting you on my book tour in November. Archie

One of the most powerful and highly anticipated Australian stories to be told.

No one has lived as many lives as Archie Roach – stolen child, seeker, teenage alcoholic, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, and leader – but it took him almost a lifetime to find out who he really was.

Roach was only a few years old when he was forcibly removed from his family. Brought up by a series of foster parents until his early teens, his world imploded when he received a letter that spoke of a life he had no memory of.

In this intimate, moving and often shocking memoir, Roach’s story is an extraordinary odyssey through love and heartbreak, family and community, survival and renewal – and the healing power of music. Overcoming enormous odds to find his story and his people, Roach voices the joy, pain and hope he found on his path through song to become the legendary singer-songwriter and storyteller that he is today – beloved by fans worldwide.

Tell Me Why is a stunning account of resilience and the strength of spirit – and of a great love story.

The Weekend Addition Q&A with Archie Roach

Archie Roach, musician, Let Love Rule


Amongst the pantheon of all-time great Australian musicians, Archie Roach might be one of the most beloved. With a career spanning more than 30 years and eight studio albums, Archie’s songs are a crucial aspect of the Australian songbook. In addition to his vast musical contributions, the Deadly Award-winning musician is an outspoken campaigner for the rights of Indigenous Australians, and works to spotlight and provide opportunities to up-and-coming First Nation artists. Archie Roach has just been announced as one of the must-see acts to catch at the Queensland Music Festival, where he will be performing a one-off show featuring hits from his past three albums, Into The Bloodstream, Let Love Rule and Dancing With My Spirit. The evening will see these songs performed with a string quartet, adding an extra level of elegance to these modern classics. Ahead of Archie’s performance at The Tivoli on Friday July 5, we spoke to the artist about what we can expect from the shows and what messages he’s imbuing in his recent compositions.

In July, Brisbane audiences will be lucky enough to witness you performing your seminal album Let Love Rulealongside a string quartet as part of the Queensland Music Festival, what spurred the decision to bring the record to life in this way?
We have called the show, Let Love Rule but I will be singing songs from across my last three albums, Into The Bloodstream(2012), Let Love Rule (2016) and Dancing With My Spirit (2018) . We have just released a three-CD box set of these albums recorded live, called The Concert Collection, which is the first time in my 30-year career that I have ever have released live recordings. Another first for me will be working solely with a string quartet and seeing my songs come to life in a different way.

Looking back on the record, it seems like its messages of love and a willingness to open up to people – letting them into our hearts and also our country – is more needed than ever. What do you think listeners today should take heed of the most from the album?
With respect to Let Love Rule I wanted to write love songs initially, but realised that it was so much more than just love between two people. It encompasses respect, consideration and inclusiveness around love of country, love of culture, family and the willingness to love all people no matter where they are from.

Jessie Lloyd’s Mission Songs Project will open the event – how have you been involved in this significant project?
I have seen Jessie’s Mission Songs Project grow from the start and have supported its growth through my foundation. Some of the songs that Jessie has collected from around the country are more than 50 years old and have not been sung for a very long time. The work of Mission Songs Project is culturally significant to First Nations people as it continues the tradition of singing songs about belonging to country and a peoples.

You’ve done a lot of great work in the youth justice space, helping give troubled youngsters a voice through song. What role has music played throughout your life, in terms of therapy and healing?
It’s been a big part of my life and has helped with the healing process.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice about life, what would it be?
Be good to yourself. Look after your health. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink. Love yourself and everybody that’s close to you. Smoking and drinking have had a huge impact on my life as far as my health is concerned.

Could you please share any bands or musicians you’ve been listening to lately?
I am a big fan of the following young women singer songwriters: Queensland-based Teila Watson and Deline Briscoe, Alice Skye from Victoria and Emma Donovan from New South Wales. 

What’s a key message you hope your music and lyrics communicate to your fellow Australians?
My music and stories speak to the place where we all come from, remembering that our beginnings on this earth started at the same place – around a fire telling stories through song and dance. 

You’ve achieved some incredible things in your life so far, both in terms of music and activism – but what are you personally most proud of?
That I have survived and am able to continue to do what I love doing. I am glad I did!

You can catch Archie Roach performing his recent hits at Let Love Rule on Friday July 5 at The Tivoli as part of the Queensland Music Festival. Purchase your tickets here.

Archie featured on upcoming episode of ‘Anh's Brush With Fame’


Anh’s Brush with Fame returns this April for a fourth series, packed with personal stories of beloved Australians.

The ABC's hugely popular, Logie-nominated series Anh’s Brush with Fame returns for a fourth series with 14 brand new episodes starting on ABC and ABC iview on Wednesday, 10 April at 8pm.

The beloved comedian, author and two-time Archibald Prize winning artist Anh Do returns to paint and interview a whole new line-up of extraordinary household names and personalities. New season guests include multi-disciplinary entertainers Tim Minchin, Dannii Minogue and Archie Roach, survivors of personal tragedy Lindy Chamberlain, Walter Mikac and Saroo Brierley, celebrated chef Kylie Kwong and Australian emergency medicine specialist Gordian Fulde.

Anh's Brush with Fame episode featuring Archie Roach screens Wednesday 17th July at 8pm, on the ABC and ABC iview.

‘The Concert Collection’ Available Now

archie roach email.jpg

In November 2012, Archie Roach walked on-stage at the Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne, for the Australasian World Music Expo. 

And so began his extraordinary return to the concert stage. 

With a thirteen-piece band and ten-voice gospel choir, Archie launched Into The Bloodstream, his first album of new music in five years.

In the two years preceding the release, the singer faced unimaginable challenges, including a stroke, lung cancer and the loss of his partner in life and in music, Ruby Hunter. 

Hailed by many as a rebirth, Into The Bloodstream was acclaimed as his strongest in years and Disc 1 of this collection combines live recordings from both the Arts Centre Melbourne concert in November 2012 and from the State Theatre for the Sydney Festival in January 2013.

Then in 2016 Archie made another triumphant record with a title that resonated everywhere – Let Love Rule – entirely written around the concept of love, “a willingness to love all people”.

The Let Love Rule concert was recorded live in May 2017 at the inaugural Yirramboi First Nations Arts Festival at the Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne, a concert that had audiences mesmerised as you will hear on Disc 2, and featured the sublime voices of both the Dhungala Children’s Choir and Short Black Opera.

Then in May 2018 the beloved and award-winning Australian trio Tiddas reformed especially to honour the unearthing of Archie’s new album, Dancing With My Spirit, a pre-production “demo” album recorded over two decades earlier by producer/musician Jen Anderson that had been shelved and virtually forgotten.

This album saw Archie exploring his spirituality and showcased the sublime voices of Archie and Tiddas - Amy Saunders, Lou Bennett and Sally Dastey.

The Dancing With My Spirit concert on Disc 3 was recorded at their Hamer Hall performance at Arts Centre Melbourne on May 6th 2018.